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Most designers were trained to ‘design for’ (a client, a user, a briefing) – and as such, we might have to overcome barriers of ‘thinking’ if we want to ‘design with’ (in other words: co-design). Likewise, most businesses are set-up to deliver a ’service/product’ to their clients, not to work with the users. But…isn’t this changing? And should it change? If yes, how do we do it?

One of the recent project developments that helped put it in practice, this rather new way of designing, was the 24hr workshop to prototype the Business Model of The Thinking Hotel.

The starting point was to invite people from our Linkedin group to be part of the experience, not to design a product or a service – but to design the business model itself.

This is also a new experience of an innovative approach into co-design.

Why not have a look, and tell us what you think? The Thinking Hotel 24hr report

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Hello thinkers!

I have great news to share.

The Thinking Hotel © vision is moving forward – and hopefully, the aim to find partners interested in making this vision happen over the year 2010 is getting closer to reality!

The story so far:

In 2008 I shared the idea of creating the very best place for thinking under the concept of a Hotel, combining environments, tools, resources and services for thinking, with friends.

It did sound an interesting proposal, as everyone one’s first reaction was: WOW! or AWESOME!

Got the webdomains, registered the Ltd Company, and started defining the concept.

Shared with experts and advisors, presented to a few companies, VC investors, experts in Hotels, and so on. The positive feedback and fantastic insights helped me build confidence, and continue the journey.

Two weeks ago, I posted a comment on a TED LinkedIn group connecting someone’s post with the idea of The Thinking Hotel © - and that generated a number of positive reactions, including a suggestion to start a linkedin group: Let’s Create The Thinking Hotel, which I did, just about one week ago:

So far, this has been a brilliant experience – and you are welcome to join the group, share you views and opinions and comment on the other’s.

And here is the link to an online survey, that I’d really appreciate your feedback:

Beyond that, I had the honour to be a guest in a very special visit to a place that may have the potential to become our first Thinking Hotel! This is the Poltimore House ( which is an impressive place with great potential to a synergy with The Thinking Hotel © - if you visit the website – I suggest you have a look at their vision.

So, what’s next?

Why not… join the group, be a guest and check into this journey?

We are all thinking about thinking…and I am really thrilled with the members in this group!

Be my guest and get linkedin with this idea!


An innovative business leader with the excellence agenda at the heart of its business.

WHEN: As soon as possible.

WHAT FOR: To conduct an Excellence Audit.

I am now looking for a company who has the need and the goal to become Excellent.

If this is meaningful for you and your business…be the first to get in touch!

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At the top of the waste hierarchy we have ‘Prevention’ and I share this vision of a world without waste.

Research suggests to achieve the target of “waste free world”, we require a system that designs out waste and designs in value. I see this is as an opportunity for innovation investments and business leaders, however the current barrier is lack of real financial return to not produce waste, since such value is not measured, whereas waste has gain increasingly trade value leading to profits.

In our journey to identify funding for an innovation platform dedicated to develop a new generation of packaging without waste, myself and Dr. Joyce Tsoi successfuly attracted interest from potential partners accross all packaging stakeholders, however we still had to demonstrate how such investment can create value (economic and financial). As a response to this challenge we found the need  to develop a calculator (Negowaste©) that quantifies and converts the positive value of no-waste production into financial returns which would support the design of a new sharp tax system proposed by Nanako Kawauchi and myself.   Read the rest of this entry »

We are all in trouble with a world that is demanding change, for social, environmental and now financial reasons.
we saw the ‘world of plenty’ dominating our economies, and believed we would achieve common wealth through products, plenty and profit. It was all based on the Success Metrics of MORE and usually measured in ROI (returns on investment)

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Should we question the need to produce waste?

Waste isn’t a problem, it is a consequence of human decisions.

a design fault.

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Recently I went to a presentation about the power of data analysis for marketing and as a tool for value creation for commercial business.

Most people buy into a loyalty card based on the idea they will be rewarded through their loyal behaviour.

But what really happens is that the loyalty card user provides detailed data about their purchase choices (or shopping behaviour), which then will classify the ‘consumer’ in one of the ‘consumer profiles’ as ‘loyal’, ‘promotional sensitive’ or ‘price driven’.
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